Accelerated Piano Lab

The Accelerated Piano Lab is unique to Spicewood, Lakeway, Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, and surrounding areas of Austin, TX. All of our students experience SUCCESS learning the piano in a FUN, RELAXING, and ENCOURAGING environment.

The Accelerated Piano Lab empowers all of our students to be CONFIDENT SELF-LEARNERS. Our students are encouraged to take charge of their learning, because our students are not spoon-fed information or babysat during their lessons.

Our students range from those who want to learn piano for fun, to students who are take multiple piano exams every year (the Royal Conservatory of Music exam and the National Guild Piano Audition).

Problem: “Traditional” Lessons

When you think of piano lessons, the traditional method comes to mind:

  • One teacher and one student, where the student dutifully performs for the teacher the entire lesson.
  • Sometimes there is embarrassment because practicing has not happened during the week, and no progress is made during the lesson.
  • Sometimes, the student doesn’t get the concept right away and the student is self-conscious about making mistakes in front of the teacher.
  • Parents feel guilty for not having their child practice during the week.
  • Wrapped up in all of this, the student practices and has lessons in isolation.

Our Solution: Accelerated Piano Lab

The Accelerated Piano Lab program is BETTER than traditional lessons. Our 60-minute long lesson addresses all of the long-standing pitfalls of traditional lessons. The program gives INDIVIDUAL lessons within a group setting (unlike other extra-curricular activities like dance or sports where students all learn the same thing together).

The Accelerated Piano Lab:

  • gives students time, grace, and privacy to practice and make mistakes during their lesson, thus building their confidence.
  • motivates students because they see their friends’ progress and work hard.
  • allows students to progress even if practice has not happened during the week.
  • gives students time to perform for each other during lessons.
  • gives students time to play fun piano games to reinforce skills.
  • is less stress and guilt on parents to force their child to practice at home.
  • lets students connect with others who share a similar interest (music!).

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Here is what two moms have to say about the Accelerated Piano Lab:

“Our daughter has been taking accelerated piano with Jen since the beginning of the school year. She has learned so much in a short period of time!

“Jen is so patient, kind, and organized. We don’t practice at home as much as we should, but Jen takes it in stride. 
We couldn’t imagine a better piano teacher!

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“My son LOVES piano!! And you’re so good with him. Thank you so much.”